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Cocktails and Courageous Conversations

Jill and Rikke Kjelgaard explore how concepts from Be Mighty can help us cope with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Not Another Anxiety Show with Kelli Walker

Join Kelli and guest Dr. Jill Stoddard for a conversation about how women can move toward a mighty and meaningful life, even when societal constraints and stress (naturally) are present. Spoiler alert: This is a valuable conversation for men too!


A Mindful Moment with Teresa McKee

Building psychological resiliency may be the solution to facing uncertainty. Join us and our guest, Dr. Jill Stoddard, author of Be Mighty.


The Invisible Wheelchair Podcast

Jill Stoddard is the founder and director of The Center for Stress and Anxiety Management in San Diego, CA. She specializes in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety and related issues.

She is an award-winning teacher, recognized ACT trainer, and author of Be Mighty: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation from Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Using Mindfulness and Acceptance. In this podcast she explains what ACT Therapy is and how it is used for anxiety and OCD. Join us to here Jill in this lively conversation…


Ignite Purpose with Christina Foxwell

How many of us suffer from Anxiety, worry and stress... why not add COIVID-19 Pandemic to the list... Christina interviews and unpacks ACT - Acceptance, Commitment Therapy and how when we walk into acceptance we are able to live a more filled life. Jill shares her insights not only on the book but also on Metaphors and her personal experience in growth and how to grow. DR Jill Stoddard is the Author of BE MIGHTY and this is a must listen episode !!!


Fix Yourself with Shannon Connery 

Anyone feeling anxious, stressed or worried as we shelter at home for what feels like the 10,000th day? This week’s guest could not have come at a better time. Dr. Jill Stoddard, author of, Be Mighty—A Woman’s Guide to Liberation from Anxiety, Worry & Stress Using Mindfulness and Acceptance, is a psychologist who specializes in anxiety. Her book is a wonderful tool for any of the estimated 264 million people worldwide who will suffer from anxiety disorders during their lifetime. Her tools are helpful for each and every one of us right now.


Wellness While Walking

Anxiety in the time of coronavirus (and in normal life) is the topic of a conversation with Dr. Jill Stoddard. We talk about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and the wisdom (and sense of relief) of accepting anxiety and other emotions as part of life. Dr. Stoddard describes how we can distance ourselves from our thoughts in order to defuse them, and gives us some specific mental wellness exercises we can do while walking!

Wisdom for Wellbeing

Listen to Moving Through Anxiety To The ‘Mighty Me’ You Want To Be from Wisdom for Wellbeing with Dr. Kaitlin Harkess (PhD Psychology) on Apple Podcasts. 



Psychologists Off the Clock Podcast - INTERVIEW 1

Jill talks with psychologist and host and clinical psychologist, Dr. Yael Schonbrun, about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. They discuss the Me you want to be, in this one moment, and exercises and metaphors for making powerful contact with lived experiences in service of personal growth.



Psychologists Off the Clock Podcast - INTERVIEW 2

Jill talks with psychologist and host, Dr. Debbie Sorensen, about her new book, Be Mighty: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation from Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. They discuss the issues that may contribute to women suffering from anxiety at nearly double the rates of men, and how to have to have a big, bold, beautiful life despite the chaos.



Shelf-Aware Podcast

Jill talks with host, Leann Harris, about her new book, Be Mighty: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation from Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. They discuss writing, reading, and living a mighty life.



Healing Pain Podcast

Jill talks with host, physical therapist, and creator of the Integrative Pain Institute, Joe Tatta about using experiential practice in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for pain and other difficult experiences.



The Mastering Counseling Podcast

Jill talks with host, Dr. Barbara LoFrisco, about treating stress and anxiety. They discuss the possible driving factors behind increases in anxiety prevalence, pitfalls for therapists to avoid when treating anxiety, and helpful resources for therapists looking to expand their knowledge and skills in treating anxiety,



ACT in Context Podcast

Jill talks with hosts and licensed clinical social workers, Joanne Steinwachs and Tim Gordon, about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, experiential practice, and other fun psychology topics.



Million Dollar Mortgage Experience Podcast

Jill talks with host and CEO of Fundloans, Jon Maddox, about anxiety on the borrowing and lending sides of home buying.




Good Morning San Diego

Jill appears with her therapy client, Lance, and his wife, Katie, to discuss traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and their grassroots nonprofit organization, The TBI Center of Carlsbad.



How to Deal with Anxiety

Jill is featured in this article from Outwit Trade featuring a collection of comments and advice therapists have contributed to us on how to deal with anxiety, as well as stories from people who were able to overcome their anxiety and can talk about how they did it. To read, click here.


What to Say to Someone Who Is Stressed

Jill is featured in this article from Up Journey featuring some tips on what to say and how to support someone who is feeling stressed. To read, click here.


Anxiety Statistics 2020

Jill is featured in this article from SingleCare on all things anxiety and anxiety disorder, from the differences and similarities between anxiety disorders, prevalence rates, and treatment options. To read, click here.


Pandemic Anxiety Is Making Us Sleepless, Forgetful, and Angry. Here Are Some Tips for Coping.

Jill is featured in this Washington Post article about how COVID-19 can impact our mental health, anxiety, sleep, and ability to focus, and some tips for how to care for ourselves during this pandemic. To read, click here.


Stressed Out? That May Be A Good Thing.

Jill is featured on Theravive about why stress isn't all bad. It may actually help us feel more empathy and increase our connection with others. To read, click here.


Work From Home? Here's How to Stay Focused When Constantly Interrupted

Jill is interviewed by Fatherly about how working from home during a pandemic can exhaust our executive functioning abilities, and some tips for how to cope with distractions. To read, click here.


The Psychology of Misogyny and Misogynistic People

Jill is interviewed by Psych Central about the definition, causes, and solutions to misogyny. To read, click here.


Happify: Are You Too Judgmental For Your Own Good?

Jill is interviewed by Happify about why we judge and what to do it about it.

To read, click here.


San Diego Union Tribune

Jill is interviewed by the San Diego Union Tribune about what makes us anxious: health and taxes. To read, click the links below:

You Can Cope with Taxing Time of Year 

Hypochondriacs Can Worry Themselves Sick


San Diego Voyager

Jill is featured in the SD Voyager, an online publication featuring inspiring stories about local business owners, artists, and the like. Check out Jill’s story by clicking HERE.



Mental Health Moments with Tara

Be Mighty is featured in this episode of Mental Health Moments with Tara as a wonderful resource for women with anxiety.